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Basic Size Chart for L-Type Wrench

Our L-Type wrenches are classified into 4 kinds depending on the length;
Super Long / Extra Long / Semi Long / Basic Size

The chart can be referred to for a single product size of L1 or L2 instead of a set product size.

* Regardless of the tip shape, the length of L1 or L2 is the same as long as the size in the same length type is the same.

* The actual sizes of L1 and L2 are within a tolerance of approximately ±1mm.
* The size chart covers all the L-Type wrenches in our General Catalog excluding made-to-order products.

Size Chart

▶Super Long Length   ▶ Extra Long Length  ▶Long Length  ▶Standard Length

Super Long Length

Extra Long Length

Long Length

Standard Length