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Taper Head

Taper Head Hexagon Wrench is uniquely-designed and has overturned the image of a ball point hexagon wrench as a tool for hand start.

-further improved in durability and abrasion resistance to be used for final tightening
-torsional strength increased by 10-20% compared to ball point hexagon wrench
-especially effective when tilted at a 0-20 degrees angle


- It is less-wearing because the hexagon taper head fits right in the bolt hole and turn the bolt as you can see in the picture.
- Finish of the taper head is precise, accurate, and consistent by our unique method of manufacturing.
- The touch area between a bolt and a socket is larger compared to a previous product, so the wrench fits precisely and does not slip when used straight or at a tilt.
- In addition to the features above, special alloy steel and hardness contribute to abrasion resistance and resistance to high torque