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Standard Series

Quality Assurance

Hexagon wrenches of are designed and produced for professionals with stricter standards than ISO or JIS for material, heat treatment, torque and accuracy.
EIGHT TOOL CO.,LTD. スタンダードシリーズ

SNCM + V®(Parkerizing)

-EIGHT developed in-house this high class alloy steel exclusively for hexagon wrench. It is well suited for quenching and has excellent toughness as well as abrasion resistance.
※* SNCM + V® is the registered trademark of EIGHT. Unauthorized use of the trademark is legally prohibited.

-Specifications of EIGHT brand Hexagon wrenches exceed the requirements of ISO, JIS, and Federal standards, especially in the categories of Material, Hardness, Torque, and Tolerance, ensuring high quality and performance to satisfy professional users.
SNCM+V® a Registered Trademark of EIGHT TOOL COMPANY and use of the same mark by any other company is legally prohibited.

-Although JIS are applied to hexagon wrenches, they are not a good designated in a notice of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Therefore, there are no JIS-certified factories for hexagon wrenches and no JIS-certified products.