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Excellent Series

We are proud of this best quality series. Please see the explanation on material, accuracy, hardness, and surface finish.

Taper Head

What is our original Taper Head Wrench that exceeds Ball Point Hexagon Wrench?
Please see the feature.

Standard Series

Although we classify these products as Standard Series, they are high-grade products for professionals. Please see the explanation for why they are "high-grade products for professionals".

TORX® Series

Directions about TORX® and TORXPLUS.

Screw Compatibility Table (hexagon)

Hexagon Screw Compatibility Table for hexagon wrenches (metric size / inch size)

Screw Compatibility Table (TORX®)

TX Screw Compatibility Table for TX wrenches (including E-Type)

Adaptable Equipment Models for Bits

Table of adaptable equipment models for our bits

About Torque

What is torque? How much is the maximum torque human hands can produce?
The graphic illustration and the chart provide a simple explanation for this.

Torque Comparison Table

Comparison Table of our Excellent Series, JIS/ISO guaranteed and MAX torque value

RoHS Directive

What is RoHS Directive?
You can see the meaning of the abbreviation, purpose and details of the regulation, and what is subject to the regulation.

Basic Size Chart for L-Type Wrench

The chart shows basic sizes for our L-Type wrenches (L1, L2).

Conversion Chart (inch, millimeter)

easily understandable conversion chart of inches and millimeters, the units often used for tools
Inch / Millimeter

Instructions and Directions for Use

Explanation on “Precautions for Products” and "Wrench and Metal Fatigue". Please read this before use for the safe usage of our products.


This is a warning against producing and selling imitations of our products. Please be aware of some tricks often used for imitations explained here to be able to buy genuine products.