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As a specialized manufacturer of Hexagon Wrenches,
we offer the best quality products.

We are the only manufacturer in Japan and one of the 2 manufacturers in the world specializing in hexagon wrench.

Ever since the start of our business, we have been offering safety and satisfaction together with our high quality products produced under the quality-oriented system.

Our motto is to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs by creating, developing and producing further Excellent products and to provide people around the world with our products in a stable supply.
We’d like to positively expand our business.

President and Director
Mikio Ohnishi

Hardness and Stickiness
A perfect balance of hardness and stickiness is our know-how as a specialized manufacturer.

What decides the quality of a wrench? One of the elements is torsional strength. The best balance of hardness and stickiness is required for the products to be infrangible even when large torque is applied.

EIGHT TOOL uses special alloy SNCM+V as the steal material, which we finally found after years of trial and error. We can say there is nothing else better as the steal material for a hexagon wrench. This special mix of metals is only available for EIGHT TOOL, a specialized manufacturer who produces 1.2 million products a month.

Another important element is heat treatment process to make the most of the best quality material. It is also important to have strength as calculated and consistency in quality. The special heat treatment and other professional technologies to produce hexagon wrenches have made EIGHT TOOL recognized by the world.